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Response to survey comments

I received several comments following my sustainability survey. Since the survey is anonymous, I cannot respond to your comments personally, but here is the response to one of them.

NoNew product: Feminine bottoms (I bought some but they don't always stay in place in the panties and they aren't made locally)

Thanks for the suggestion. For now, my focus is on cooking and lunch products. Finding the right combination of materials and workmanship for feminine hygiene products is quite tricky. I also made regular panties for my daughters and I recently, and I can't seem to make them fast enough to be competitive in the market. 😰 I therefore do not see myself developing this type of product in the near future.

Personally I use panties Mrs L'Ovary and I am very satisfied with them, although they are made in Colombia. I really like that the panty stays in place, and I find it more comfortable than disposables. I also have an order in progress with Zozitte and Novita, for towels, which manufactures them here in Quebec. I'll give you some news. For my daughters, these are Marie, also made in Quebec and they are very satisfied. Several other companies also manufacture them.

Comment your favorite washable sanitary napkin company in the comments to help those looking for it! 😊

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